Discover why RocketBike™ is the premier choice for bike conversions and maintenance, providing top quality products and services to keep your e-bike running smoothly.

  1. High quality conversion kits
    RocketBike™ offers premium CYC Motor conversion kits, for a smooth, powerful and efficient e-bike experience.

  2. Expert Installation Services
    Our experienced technicians can professionally install your CYC Motor conversion kit, ensuring seamless integration with your bike and optimum performance.

  3. Complete maintenance support
    RocketBike™ provides ongoing maintenance support, helping you keep your e-bike in top condition. Our technicians know all aspects of e-bike maintenance, from motor inspections to battery maintenance.

  4. Access to spare parts and accessories
    As an authorized CYC Motor dealer, RocketBike™ offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories, making it easy to maintain and customize your electric bike.

  5. Exceptional customer service
    Our team at RocketBike™ is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your e-bike conversion and maintenance experience is a hassle-free one.


Choose RocketBike™ for your bike conversion and maintenance needs, and experience the difference top-quality products, expert services, and exceptional customer support can make in your e-bike journey.