Thinking of switching to an electric bike? Find out why an electric bike conversion kit might be a better choice than a regular electric bike for your needs. Also called Retrofit , this principle is simple and offers many advantages.

  1. Keep your beloved bike
    With an electric bike conversion kit, you can transform your existing bike into a powerful electric bike while maintaining its unique look and feel. Stay connected to your favorite bike while enjoying the benefits of an electric motor.

  2. Increased flexibility and customization
    Conversion kits such as those offered by RocketBike™ allow you to choose the components that best meet your needs, such as CYC Motor electric crankset conversion kits (X1 Photon, X1 Stealth Gen3 and X1 Pro Gen3) and B batteries -Series.

  3. Cost effective solution
    Converting your existing bike to an electric bike is often more cost effective than buying a new electric bike. Save money while enjoying the performance and benefits of an electric bike.

  4. Easier maintenance and repairs
    An e-bike conversion kit allows you to service and repair your bike using standard components. This makes it easier to find spare parts and perform maintenance tasks.
  1. Better resale value
    E-bike conversion kits can potentially improve the resale value of your bike. When you invest in a high quality conversion kit like the kits sold on RocketBike™, you add advanced technology and performance capabilities to your existing bike. This upgrade can make your bike more attractive to potential buyers because it demonstrates the added value of an electric system. Plus, if you decide to sell your bike and keep the conversion kit, you can use it on your next bike, providing you with continued value and savings.


In summary, choosing an e-bike conversion kit like the RocketBike™ over a regular e-bike has many benefits. Not only is it more cost effective, it also allows you to retain your bike's unique features, provides a more environmentally friendly option, gives you greater control over the electrical system and potentially increases the resale value of your bike. bike. By converting your existing bike into an e-bike, you can enjoy the benefits of e-bike technology while keeping the bike you love.